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STEM Prep Kit | Physics, Robotics, Energy, and Power | Comprehensive Set

SKU: GU17076

The new Fischertechnik Education STEM PREP set enables students to understand and explore many essential aspects of technology, with a focus on physics, robotics, energy, and power.

It includes parts, along with step-by-step pictorial instructions for building each of the models found in the following 9 fischertechnik sets:

  1. Drive Systems (17055)
  2. Oeco Energy
  3. Pneumatics (#17054)
  4. Mechanics (#17049)
  5. Physics I (#17051),
  6. Physics II (#170523)
  7. Electronics (#17053)
  8. Optics + Light (#17047)
  9. Robotics: Beginner (#17066)

This set also contains detailed curriculum in PDF format for both students and teachers. Curriculum project themes include: Sketching and Documentation, Simple Machines, Mechanical Systems, Structures, Conversion and Storage of Energy, Electronics, Optics, Digital Communication, and Programming Control Systems.

In addition to the curriculum, each STEM PREP set contains a total of 2110 parts and components, including ROBO Pro LT software (for PC), USB powered control unit, electronics module, pullback motor, solar motor, XS motor, Mini motor, compressor, 2 solar modules, Goldcap energy storage, NTC resistor, phototransistor, an LED, 2 rainbow LEDs all packed in a convenient and sturdy plastic Gratnell's storage box.

Recommended 2 students per set.