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ST-900 Stereo Microscope | Cordless, Rechargeable | Top & Bottom LED

SKU: GU16208
The ST-900 series microscopes are suitable for both school and professional applications. They have 45 degree inclined stereo heads and comes with an incident and transmitted light base plus inter-pupillary distance adjustment of between 51mm and 75mm. 
  • Objectives - 2X, 4X
  • Magnification - 20X, 40X
  • Eyepieces - 10X WF
  • Illumination - Top/Bottom/Both LED Cordless Rechargeable
  • Dioptic adjustment of ±5mm is possible with one ocular tube
  • Instruction manual and vinyl dust cover included.
  • Size & Weight 11" High, 6 lbs.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Cordless Features: LED illumination. Up to 50 hours use per charge. 10,000 hour bulb life, 500 recharge cycles.
  • Comes with single charger+ rechargeable batteries. 
  • More specs available upon request.