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Robotics Beginner (LT) Kit | For Ages 8+ | 200+ Components

SKU: GU17066

Robotics becomes approachable and easy to understand with this complete beginner's package for students age 8 and older. With 200 components and the aid of sensors (phototransistor, mini-switches) and actuators (XS motor, indicator lights), students can construct 12 real models such as a hand dryer, stamping machine, lighthouse with blinking light, merry-go-round, or an automatic sliding door.

The ROBO LT Controller, with 3 inputs for sensors and 2 outputs for motors or indicator lights has a USB interface for simultaneous power supply. The ROBO Pro Light software makes programming easy to grasp and allows students to get started quickly. The detailed teaching and activity booklet supports the learning process for students, taking the mystery out of programming.

Set includes one ROBO LT Controller (USB interface/USB power supply), Software ROBO PRO Light, XS motor, 2 lights, lens tip lamp, phototransistor, 2 switchs, and a multi-language teaching and activity booklet. IMPORTANT: PC Required for all operations.