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Physics I | 7 Different Track-Based, Coaster-Style Models | 690 Parts

SKU: GU17051

With this set, students will build 7 different track based coaster style models to learn about and observe first-hand various physical phenomena, such as Acceleration, Inertia of Mass, Centrifugal Force, Law of Conservation of Energy, Principle of Linear Momentum, Laws of Motion, and more.

Instead of being dry, abstract, or difficult to understand, this set helps to make the subject of physics engaging, and the concepts clear. Physics becomes fun as balls race on the unique flex-rails through various obstacle courses. They accelerate, decelerate, cause chain reactions, shoot through the loop and run through obstacles such as teeter-totters and switches. An elevator powered by a fischertechnik XS Motor conveys the balls to the top. The effects of each of these principles are explained in the enclosed activity booklet and can be clearly demonstrated using various experimental set-ups.

Includes 690 parts for building 7 different models. Requires a regular 9V battery (not included), or if you prefer, all models can be powered with either the fischertechnik Power Set or Accu Set (each sold separately). Comes packed in sturdy plastic Gratnell's storage box. Recommended: 1 set per 2 students.