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Green Energy Kit | 380 Piece Set | Two Students Per Kit

SKU: GU17050

This set allows students to explore the vitally important world of renewable energy, and helps them answer the question: How can ecological electric power be produced?

  • This set includes a fuel cell, so students can also explore, hands-on, how it works, and how it generates hydrogen.
  • Contains 380 additional components--including a reversible fuel cell with integrated hydrogen storage unit for building 19 different models: Hammer Mill, Water Turbine, Windmill with Pump, Windpower Station, Ventilating Fan, Merry-Go-Round, Solar Bicycle Rider, Solar Ferris Wheel, Solar Vehicle 1, Solar Charging Station 1, Electric Vehicle, Solar Parking Barrier, Solar Tracking Station, Eco-House 1, Solar Station 2, Fuel Cell Vehicle, Solar Vehicle with 3 Solar Modules, Enhanced Eco-House, Solar Pump with Fuel Cell.
  • Also includes multi-language teaching and activity booklet as well as complete step-by-step assembly instructions.
  • Parts also include a solar motor (2V), 3 solar modules (1V; 400 mA), Gold Cap power storage device, and an LED ON/OFF switch. Comes packed in sturdy plastic Gratnell's storage box.
  • Recommended: 1 set per 2 students.