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FlexCam 2 HD Camera | 2595 x 1933 Pixel Count | 2 Year Warranty

SKU: GU16954

This innovative and sleek document camera has a stable flat stand that offers more usable surface area by virtually disappearing under documents or books. The 5 megapixel camera head is coated in textured over-molded rubber, making it easy to grip and adjust on a flexible, sturdy neck that retains its position without sagging.


  • Controls are readily accessible directly on the camera head.
  • 5 megapixel camera, LED lights and flat stand for stability.
  • Sturdy, flexible neck does not sag.
  • Include audio connection and USB digital output.
  • Microscope eyepeice adapter included.
  • 2595 x 1944 Pixel count.
  • CMOS image sensor.
  • 11" x 17" A3 field view.
  • HD 1080P output resolution.
  • 5 year limited warranty.