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Changes in Matter Kit | 10 Activities Includes | Grades 4-9

SKU: GU13581

Introduction to elements, compounds, & mixtures, along with changes that these substances undergo as well as the characteristics of some elements, symbols for elements, & structures that make up atoms.

  • Common mixtures are separated by evaporation & chromatography.
  • New compounds are formed & changes that indicate chemical reactions are observed.
  • Reproducible manual that includes 10 activities/laboratories, vocabulary lists, definitions, & a complete answer key.
  • Experiments include: Classes of Matter, Elements, Symbols for Elements, Atoms, Common Mixtures, Separation by Evaporation, Separation by Chromatography, and more.
  • Accommodates up to 24 Students
  • Materials needed but NOT included: goggles & tape.
  • Grades 4-9.